Solo album released on Focus Silence Records (UK).

The Polarity of Cellar and Attic (2017)

Solo album, originally commissioned as an installation for BODE 2017 NYFW Presentation

Fan Letters Live at Confetti Machine (2017)

Fan Letters Live at Confetti Machine Festival, performing a raucous multimedia set of electro-mechanical sounds, video and networked music.

That's Desire / Here We Are (2016)

session violinist for Fragile, a new band featuring Wolfgang Tillmans, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Jay Pluck, Kyle Combs, Tom Roach and Daniel Pearce


Ho-Chunk Trickster (2016)

violinist for Rhys Ziemba and Elizabeth LoPiccolo's Ho-Chunk Trickster project, first performed at David Zwirner Gallery, July 2016 (recording demos at link)


Detritus (2015)

solo album created over 11 days in january 2015. all text culled from 11 stories in the nytimes over that period. sample track below, rest of the album available at bandcamp link above


Bill Baird (2013 - 2014)

Violinist for Bill Baird's experimental performance and recording projects, including the cover above